IQ Option Affiliate Review

IQ Option Affiliate Program Review – The Best Binary Option Affiliate Program

IQ Option Affiliate Program is the best binary options affiliate program that you can promote without any hesitation. It provides you 50% lifetime profit from your referral. It is damn highly reputed brand in the binary options industry right now. So you can promote it to make a decent amount of money.

Guys, I am Hasan from Binary Option Affiliate Guide. I will describe everything about IQ Option affiliate program. Let’s start now:

Affiliate Program Overview:

  • 50% Profit Sharing (Industries Best)
  • Lifetime Commission System 🙂
  • Wide Banners and Promotional Tools Availability
  • Payment – Twice A Month
  • Custom Payment Request System
  • Withdrawal by E-Wallets
  • Wide Promo Materials
  • Affiliate Dashboard in Different Languages
  • Advanced Analysis
  • Personal Dedicated Affiliate Manager
  • Very High Conversion Ratio

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Current Statistics of IQoption: So, let’s know the current conditions about IQoption Affiliate Program. At the date of writing the content, IQ Option has the following statistics:

  • Traders From 178 Countries
  • Currently have 16,335,141 Customers.
  •  54,154 Affiliates So Far.
  •  $160,724.72 Earned by Affiliates that day.

Processes of getting profit from IQoption:

IQ Option Affiliate Process

IQ Option Affiliate Process

IQ Option Affiliate Program Benefits:

Because of the reputed high brand, IQ Option is the ideal broker to promote. According to my opinion, IQ Option is highly reputed because of their affiliates. They gave a lot of opportunities to the members so far and thus made them famous. No other affiliate program was so impressive like iqoption. Though currently, there are several new brokers they are also trying to follow IQoption Affiliate system. But still, IQoption is at the top so far. 😀

If you are a complete newbie in Binary Options Affiliate industry, you can watch the video to understand it properly.

IQ Option Affiliate Dashboard Details:

If you want to promote the broker, Then it is important for you to understand their dashboard at first. Because without the proper understanding, you can’t use the dashboard to promote the broker very well. So let’s learn about the IQ option Affiliate panel.

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You can have a look at the dashboard details video of my channel.


Affiliate Personal Profile:

In the personal profile section, you will be able to add your personal details. Just after your registration, It is crucial to verify your phone number. It can be found in the top right corner. Just click the arrow icon, and you will see the word “Edit Profile” on your dashboard.

IQ Option Affiliate Personal Profile

IQ Option Affiliate Personal Profile

According to the image, click on the “Edit Profile”, and you will see the section like “Personal Information” and “Contact Information”. You can update your personal information here. But just after receiving your first payment from the affiliate, You can’t change the name according to their term. And verifying your phone number is important in IQ Option Affiliate Program. Because without adding your phone number, you can’t add your payment option. Check the image above where you have to change your phone number.

Affiliate Dashboard:

Affiliate dashboard is the central part where you will see the exact statistics about your referral stats. Like how many people have joined through your referral link. IQ Option has an excellent opportunity to check your statistics. See the image below:

IQ Option Affiliate Dashboard

IQ Option Affiliate Dashboard

There are other statistical data in the dashboard too. Just create a FREE account now and see the panel yourself.

Dashboard Statistics:

In the section of your dashboard, you will see the exact statistics of your referral and everything. It is the most exciting part of their affiliate system. I just simply like their platform. It is well organised and very accurate. You can have a look at the images below to see the exact look of the statistics page. Here is the statistics of my affiliate dashboard. You can check everything here. There is also specific mobile stats and user stats section where you actually can check everything. Inside the section, you also can check the statistics based on a particular user. You can also change the timestamp to check their profit in an accurate timing.

IQ Option Affiliate Statistics

IQ Option Affiliate Statistics

Affiliate Promo:

In IQ option promo section, you will find a lot of promo tools to promote IQ option successfully. They are 1.Main 2.Web promo 3.Mobile promo 4.Advertising campaign 5.Link settings. Here you can find a lot of available photos and then you can use the tools to promote it. Because of their extensive range of promo tools, I like it. Because if you have a lot of options, then you can choose what is the best for your marketing. And the another interesting part of IQ option is, it provides you promo tools in the every month. If you are an affiliate, you will get an email newsletter where they send you the updates about their new promo instruments in the every month.


IQ Option Affiliate is excellent for the cash. They pay their members in the every month. They pay twice a month. At the 15 of a month and the end of the month. But you need to be qualified at first to get paid by IQ option because if you are a new affiliate, then you need to verify your account and then you need to have at least 10 active traders. Active traders mean the traders who are trading in IQ option through your affiliate link. So if you have 10 active traders, then you can get paid in every month. You need to verify your phone number, and you need to add your email method how you want to get paid by IQ option.

They support several payment methods like Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, etc. You can also get paid by your local bank, but there is a small charge. In a word, I am so much happy with the payment. They are the industry leaders

Top 10 List:

In the top 10 list, you will see the top traders who are earning the highest amount as an affiliate. You can get the exact idea how much the top members are making. It is a helpful source of motivation I think. It shows the last 30 days of your earnings. You also can check your position on the leaderboard. Check the picture below exactly how it looks like on the top 10 list.

IQ Option Top 10 Affiliates

IQ Option Top 10 Affiliates

 Affiliate News:

In the news section, you will find the updated and fresh information about IQ Option Affiliate Program. It is important to check the latest things and follow what they have changed in their platform.

Affiliate Support:

If you need any help, don’t forget to test the support section. You can submit your ticket to your account manager, and you also can add your affiliate manager on Skype so you can contact him for any immediate purpose.

Important Rules of IQ Option Affiliate Program:

Here I will discuss the important rules of their affiliate platform. There are some specific terms that you have to follow to avoid blocking you from the affiliate program. I include the rules chronologically:

  • You can’t create your trader account using your affiliate link. It is strictly prohibited. If you do so, they will ban you from the affiliate program without any prior notice.
  • You can not use their brand name “IQ Option” to buy paid ads in the Google Adwords. Make sure you have kept the word “IQoption” in your negative keywords to avoid banning.
  • You have to verify your phone number at first to add your payment method. Unless you check your phone number, you will not be able to add a payment method to withdraw your profits.
  • To get paid for the first time, you need to have at least 10 active traders in your referral program. It means if you just refer only one to two persons, you will not be able to withdraw your profits. You need to have at least ten first-time depositors in the broker. That just means 10 active traders.

They are the ground rules. Please try to be respectful of the rules, and you will not get banned from the affiliate program. Otherwise, you have a chance to get blocked. And always try to maintain the contact with your affiliate manager. He/She will help you if you have any problem.

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IQ Option Broker Review:

So you need to know about the broker if you want to promote it. It is the most advanced broker platform in the world so far. With the desktop software, It made it more unique and attractive to the clients. So your customer will love it, and they will enjoy it for sure.

  1. Minimum Deposit: $10
  2. Minimum Trade Size: $1
  3. A lot of currency pairs are available.
  4. Support Standard Stocks right now.
  5. Most advanced trading platform.
  6. Various deposit and withdrawal methods.
  7. Supports Skrill and Neteller
  8. Regulated Broker
  9. Highly Reputed Broker
  10. Available in different languages
  11. Profitability up to 90%

Let’s discuss in details about the broker:

Charting System and Indicators: IQoption has the most advanced charting system. Their developer has done a nice job building the charting software. Most of the traders like the broker because of their charting system. They also support various essential indicators which are really awesome. I like them because of their excellent indicators. You can have a look at the picture below to see how their indicator looks like.

Expiry Timing: They have different expiry times. You can trade either Turbo or Binary. Turbo means short term trades and Binary means long term trades which starts from 15 minutes.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods: They support deposit and withdrawal by MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller and various methods. I like the E-wallets.

Reputation: IQoption is a highly reputed brand in the binary options industry. So you can promote it without any hesitation.

Supported Countries: IQoption supports 178 countries. They only don’t support USA, Canada, Australia, Israel, etc.

IQoption Affiliate Referral Program:

IQoption also has an excellent referral program too. That means if you invite other affiliates to promote IQ Option, then you will get paid by 5% of their profit for the lifetime. So It is also a nice income opportunity for sure.

How To Promote IQ Option Affiliate Program:

It is the most important part of the article. After registering for the IQ Option Affiliate Account, you have to promote it, and you have to get clients. So if you are not aware of promoting the affiliate program, you can have a look at my blog because it is the only dedicated blog where you will find how to promote Binary Options Affiliate Successfully. As I am doing it full time, I can give you the best answer. I am not doing any paid marketing. I use only free resources to generate consistent profit in the every month. There are several ways to promote IQOption. They are listed below:

1. Creating Youtube Channel: It is one of the most traditional methods and possibly the best way to promote IQ Option Affiliate. You have to create a Youtube channel, and you can upload videos with a nice title and nice description. If you can optimise the channel nicely, you will get a lot of organic visitors. Then you can promote the broker. In my blog, you can get the practical examples with videos how you can do it. I will also show you how you can create a properly optimised youtube channel. Keep following my blog 🙂

2.Creating a Facebook Group:

It is also a popular method to promote the broker. You have to create a Facebook group. You have to provide some free tutorials at first and then you and share other helpful information for the traders, so the traders sign up using your link.

3. Building a Website: It is the best practice, and it is the standard process of promoting Binary Options Affiliate Program. It is also important to build the trust among the peoples. So if you are a serious marketer, I would highly recommend building a website. No worry at all, if you are a newbie or if you are not a tech person. In my blog: Binary Option Affiliate Guide, I will show you how you can build a beautiful website without any programming knowledge. Don’t forget to visit my entire blog.

4. Paid Marketing: Though I don’t recommend doing that though it is still a way to promote the broker using paid marketing. You can buy different types of advertising to promote the broke. I only promote the broker using free methods. Because I think, FREE marketing is enough for me. I would recommend you to use the free marketing materials to generate consistent profit.

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Other Affiliate Programs:

There are other affiliate programs that you can have a look. If you are promoting IQOption, You can also promote Expert Option Affiliate or Olymp Trade Affiliate. They are also growing brokers. I like them too.

I wish you all the best with the affiliate program of IQ Option. If you have any query or questions, don’t hesitate to comment below. I would love to answer your questions. Cheers mate!

IQ Option Affiliate Program Review – The Best Binary Option Affiliate Program
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