What is Binary Option Affiliate Marketing?

Guys, I will talk about the fundamental of Binary Option Affiliate Marketing. If you are a very beginner in this industry, you should have to know what is binary options affiliate marketing. So lets’s talk about it in details.

At the very beginning, you have to know what is Binary Option Trading. Otherwise, you won’t be able to understand what is Binary Option Affiliate Marketing. If you haven’t heard the name before, please search in Google or Youtube to get the basic idea of binary trading. But as you got my website on the internet, I believe that you already know about binary options. lol 😀

what-is-binary-option-affiliate-marketing-boagSo Binary Option Affiliate Marketing is such type of marketing where you will help others to trade in binary options, and you will get a commission. So simple, Right? Yes. It is simple. You have to refer binary traders to the broker, and you will get a commission from that broker. It is the fundamental of Binary Option Affiliate Marketing.

There are many opportunities to make money in Binary Option Affiliate Marketing. Because if you follow my guideline, you will see the opportunities. I don’t need to explain them. With the time being, you will notice your progress yourself after a period.

How can you make money with Binary Option Affiliate Marketing?

Well, you need to register at the broker’s affiliate program at first and then you will get an affiliate link. You can share the affiliate link on the internet to get referrals. If new peoples create a broker account using your link, you will be able to see a conversion in your dashboard of the merchant’s affiliate website. Based on your Binary Option affiliate program, you will get your commission for referring new people. Either CPA based commission or revenue share based commission.

CPA based commission means Cost Per Action. Simply, it is the one-time payment for your referral. Let’s say, for example, if the broker offers you $300 CPA rate per conversion, then you will get $300 instantly when your referrals deposit money on the broker using your affiliate link. Whether he lose or win doesn’t matter. But in revenue share program, you will get payment according to his trading volume. Most of the broker allows 40%-50% revenue share profit. Means, if the referral deposits $1,000 in his account, this is a chance to make 50% of his deposit, that means $500 for this client.

Personally, I prefer revenue share program because It is a lifetime earning opportunity. I like revenue share program because of it’s huge earning opportunity. Even I made around $15,000 from a referral luckily. Possibly he was a wealthy person so he deposited a lot and I also made a lot of him. Sound good right? Yeah. That is why I like Binary Option Affiliate Marketing as a supporting earning source and it is consistent profit month after month.

So, guys, I believe that you got the basic idea about Binary Option Affiliate Marketing. If you are impressed and if you want to start your journey, don’t forget to check my full blog because this is the first blog where I have explained the process to start this unique online business without massive investment.

What is Binary Option Affiliate Marketing?
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